Computation Layer

User management

Authorize multiple users to control and manage the same set of connected devices for flexibility and uninterrupted operations

Assign each authorized personnel with specific responsibilities categorised to floors, zones, or IoT networks. You can also restrict access based on job hierarchies. This approach prevents the whole IoT system from being locked with a single user

Device Management

Device management enables easy onboarding of devices, organizing them into groups, and running regular updates

Easily control your IoT network through multiple devices using same login credentials. It includes authorizing control of your IoT network through mobile devices, web, voice controls, and manual switches. This approach prevents the whole system from being locked with a single device


Our scalable database facilitates storage, retrieval, and updating of elementary data items that is relevant to you

Every data generated as part of device and app operations are all managed by the database. It also provides energy usage information, details of total devices operated, over-all operational hours, etc that gives business-critical insights to you


The platform's innate location tracking capability comes with efficiency to broadcast location details to a remote system

This enable personal security solutions, customer services, navigation, and more. It helps you easily connect, prepare and share the tracking of itineraries in office buildings through the comfort of your mobile phones, tablets, or the web. Additionally, ARIXA gives you the ability to find your location in-doors or out-doors in hospitals, malls, offices, or any other facilities by using your mobile phones


ARIXA generates insightful reports that showcase every detail about energy usage, functional hours, space utilisation, assets, location details, and more through easy-to-read dashboards

You can gain access to relevant information through easy-to-read dashboards that help you streamline device and space utilization, improve workflow processes, expand space efficiency, investigate usage patterns, and employ appropriate decision making


The platform facilitates accurate navigations clearly, stepping beyond the mere concepts of blue dots, on a map

With the help of beacons, our platform navigates you to an asset, an employee, or to a specific location precisely based on the floor, zones, or rooms where they are located. Our navigation system is best employed in hospitals, hotels, smart cities, and office spaces to get instant access to connected accessories

Cloud and edge

ARIXA supports both cloud and edge computing to provide easy, scalable access to IoT networks and related services

We can easily integrate with edge computing if your IoT applications need to consume less bandwidth, work during interrupted cloud connections, and need to operate under intermittent or limited connectivity. This approach helps you engage a reliable server system with low latency and fast data processing. Otherwise, we facilitate private and public cloud services if you need to manage and process large amounts of data with added remote capabilities


Our platform facilitates on-time alerts that turn crucial at multiple instances in your business

Alerts at the right time assists you to take well-versed decisions and engage appropriate actions to save much on infrastructure capital. It sends relevant notifications about system performance and user-defined events through mobile apps and other connected devices. You can also easily customize alerts according to needs

Rule Engine

Easily define your own set of rules to trigger alerts, automation, geofencing, and predictive maintenance notifications whenever the conditions meet

Our rule engine also enables you to set rules for scalability and user controls. Additionally, you can trigger alerts based on usage scenarios, system health, performance, etc as per requirements

Arixa Layers

The layers and components that make up ARIXA and the solutions it enables