Wireless Control Solutions

Automate, control, and monitor your devices with LUMOS, WiSilica’s intelligent wireless control solutions. Developed on ARIXA-WiSilica’s intelligent Location Aware IoT Platform, the solution facilitates cost savings, human centricity, and smart controls

The Lumos Solution

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LUMOS is compliant to various wireless and energy management protocols. It works with a wide range of devices to enable automated environments, give real-time alerts, and generate reports with actionable insights. It’s AI-Powered analytics further gives you the best-fit usage patterns and energy management workflows through easy-to-read dashboards and interfaces. LUMOS is operable through smartphones, tablets, web, and voice controls

Bluetooth Low Energy / ZigBee Protocol

WiFi / Ethernet


Energy saving, rebates, and green building compliance

Human centric lighting with task tuning

Automation with schedules, sensor association,manual controls, and machine learned inputs

Compact designs for all-space scenarios

Al powered reports for actionable insights

Easy integration with BMS such as BACnet and third party services

Industry standard certifications and regulatory compliance

Smartphone integration for direct or remote device controls

Canvas-based controls and configurations

Self-powered switches

Deployable Scenarios

ARIXA Wireless Controller Pre-installed lights

Controller-Driver Integration

Gateway ARIXA Control Modules ARIXA Sensor Modules Local Server Office

Easily Deployable Local Server based Solutions

Standard 0-10 V LED Driver ARIXA IoT Module

IoT Module Driver Integration

ARIXA Control Modules ARIXA Sensor Modules Office

Local Network Solutions

Gateway ARIXA Control Modules ARIXA Sensor Modules Office Cloud Server

Quickly Deployable Cloud Based Solutions

Sensor Module Pre-installed lights

Sensor-Light Integration

ARIXA Wireless Controller integrated with sensorModule Pre-installed lights

Sensor Integrated Controller Integration

Who Does It Benefit?

Facility Managers

System Integrators

Business Owner