TRAK-Real-time Location Solutions

TRAK, WiSilica's Real-time Location Solutions, enables live asset or personnal tracking, create accurate geofencing, set actionable instant alerts, and access insightful dashboards

The Trak Solution

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TRAK's robust engineering, accomplished by a set of listeners, connectivity gateways, cloud applications, and devices provide you with full-scale tracking solutions to fit-in various markets including healthcare and hospitality. It helps you increase uptimes besides hassle-free management of assets, space, employees, and security. TRAK leverages ARIXA, WiSilica’s intelligent Location Aware IoT Platform, that bridges objects, locations, and people in real time to give accurate and precise location details. TRAK has multi-interface capabilities supporting smartphones, tablets, and web

Bluetooth Low Energy / ZigBee Protocol

WiFi / Ethernet


Enterprise-grade tracking with proximity and triangulation algorithms

Improved safety and optimized workflow by locating personnel and restricting unauthorized access

AI-powered space and asset management reports for informed decision making

Real-time inventory and asset management

Smart infant tracking for neonate security and child-swap prevention

Reduced risk of hospital acquired infections with hand hygiene compliance

Improved equipment utilization and response efficiency through equipment tracking

Marketing strategies based on customer location, visit-data, and footfalls

Marketing promotions with beacon aided location context

Automated attendance and time sheet login for varied industries

Deployable Scenarios

Gateway ARIXA Listener Modules ARIXA Control Modules ARIXA Sensor Module ARIXA Listener Module Office Cloud Server ARIXA Tag Modules

Deploy to Existing ARIXA Solutions

Gateway ARIXA Listener Modules ARIXA Tag Modules ARIXA Tag Modules Local Server Office

Easily Deployable Local Tracking solutions

Pre-installed lights ARIXA Listener Module

Listener-Light Integration

Gateway Office Cloud Server ARIXA Tag Modules ARIXA Tag Modules ARIXA Listener Modules

Quickly Deployable Cloud Server based Tracking solutions

Who stands to Benefit?

Facility Managers

Hospital Admins

Business Owner