Energy Management

Some of the most impactful uses of IoT technologies occur on the grandest possible scale: transforming cities. Energy is one of the biggest opportunities, creating more energy, lowering cost and reducing emissions.

Features and Benefits


Combine sensor, weather and resource availability information together with utility data to provide optimized usage. Enable utility companies to directly control subscriber devices to optimize the grid usage and provide low cost energy to subscriber. For example gain control to automatically turn on washing machine when the power is available at the grid in exchange for lower cost.


Control devices to automatically reduce their functionality when there is no use for them. For example increase AC or decrease heater temperature appropriately to save cost when no one is around and bring it back to user preferred temperature based on user movement. This can be applied to other appliances such as water heaters, lighting, and refrigerators.


WiSe Connect Platform provides intuitive user interface to customers, and cloud APIs for utility companies and other providers to highly benefit from energy savings without having to deal with any complex technologies.

Alternate Energy

Monitor alternate energy generation such as solar power and optimize energy usage based on its availability. Predict alternate energy generation based on weather and sensor data.


Monitor usage to quickly and reliably identify unnecessary and incorrect usage.


Add WiSe Connect billing to utility bills.

Everything and Everywhere

WiSe Connect platform connects 3rd party devices and sensors to provide manufacturer and device agnostic machine learning and energy savings.


Automatically prioritize and coordinate device usage to conserve energy.


An easy to read dashboard and reports

  • To understand energy usage per device, day, category and room.
  • Most energy consuming devices
  • Peak energy hours
  • Cost saving changes and results
  • Predictive energy usage

Smart Lighting and Management

Many homes and buildings struggle with high energy costs as cities are seeking new ways to lower energy consumption. One way to do this is by making those homes "smart" – connecting many different systems to increase overall efficiency. Now, an everyday experience can be fully personalized, reacts to user needs and provides superior controls and energy efficiency. Smart lighting brings a long do overhaul to lighting, without major investment. Just purchase a light and directly control it from your mobile is one of many possibilities.

Features and Benefits

Superior Controls

Turn lights on/off, change color, adjust dimming from your mobile from your home or remote. Control them individually or in groups.

Automatic Sensor Based Control

Install battery power sensors in an optimal location to wirelessly control lights minimizing installation costs and improving user experience within seconds.

Energy Savings

Optimize energy consumptions by schedule and events generated by sensors.


Lights can listen to tags to track assets and create movement pattern.


Perform actions based on who or what is close to you.

Increased Value

Add sensors for allergy detection, temperature, humidity, PIR and carbon-monoxide, and applications such as music player, emergency alarms, and color based messages to lighting.

Retail Management

IoT is a game changer for the retail industry, giving retailers the tools and insights to transform their businesses. Retailers can significantly improve, automate and refine business processes, reduce operational costs, integrate channels, and most importantly, better understand and engage with customers.

Features and Benefits

Wireless update

Update prices securely using WiSe Mesh from local or remote servers and provide status of the updates.

Customer Engagement

A long pending opportunity to interact with customers more effectively by real time change of prices and offers on electronic shelf labels (ESL), real time improvement of loyalty programs by personalizing their offers and suggestions, real time tracking of cart content to provide suggestions.

Location Services

To locate and get directions to products using ESL as beacons.

Complete management solution

Provides complete secure on-premise and/or cloud solution with granular roles and rights to

  • Add, provision ESL devices, group and tag them and manage their data
  • Do advance search of products and ESL devices by name, category, price, location, bar code, QR code or any other product attributes
  • Generate trend reports on ESL update times and update frequencies, and analyze it with sale data
  • Over the air update
  • Bulk or single device updates
  • Schedule prices based on receivable management
  • Cloud to cloud connectivity to manage suppliers/vendors and volume buyers

Proximity Solution

Detect presence, movement of things, people and provide context-based messages, alerts and perform actions. Provide extended coverage through WiSe Connect Mesh. Configure beacons and regions remotely as needed.

Features and Benefits

Indoor Directions

Accurate real-time indoor directions.

Context Based Advertising

Improve experience, sales and service based on accurate contextual information.

Track and locate assets

WiSe Connect solution can provide micro location using one or more WiSe Connect mesh devices with WiSe Connect Tags. Find the location of any asset tag in real-time.

Queue Management

Provide shortest line information, shuttle status, upgrade options in venues, theme parks and airports.


Control devices based on presence information.


Receive reminders when a tag moves into or out of any location.


Share location and movement information of an assets with friends and family.


Generate alerts when an item is left behind by associating it with your mobile or your other assets. Receive alerts when an items is moved to a certain location.


Organize effectively by making sure all required items are in one place. For example all items are in a bag.

Healthcare Management

IoT is a game changer for the health industry. This trend is transforming healthcare by increasing efficiency, lowering costs and enabling organizations to provide better patient care.

Features and Benefits


WiSilicas healthcare platform integrates all aspects of healthcare to connect patients, healthcare professional, pharmacies, medical device manufacturers and service provides, and insurance companies.

Advanced Home care

Intensified healthcare at the comfort of home. All devices directly connected to the WiSe cloud to get immediate professional response.

Clinical workflow

Organize hospital laboratory queues effectively so that people who need to undergo multiple tests can do them effectively instead of staying in long queues for each test. Notify next drug intake timings and dosage effectively.

Medication Management

Track the LOT all the way from manufacturing to prevent counterfeit. Print prescription labels on BLE tags with drug, patient, pharmacy, and doctor information. BLE tags remind and track dosage and time of intake. Automatically sends drug intake information and refill orders.

Emergency Care

Well informed emergency care by tapping into recent results and current medication status.

Machinery Management

Monitor current status of the medical devices, track maintenance records, provide logs for diagnosis and request maintenance.

Remote Diagnostics

Perform various tests remotely, track data real-time to diagnose and start treatment.

Food compatibility

Check the bar code or QR code of the food packets to determine if the food is appropriate for the current drug intake, and health monitoring sensor's data.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time streaming analysis to compare the status of the patient across other patient information and obtain an early diagnosis and recommendation. Also automatically analyze device data and recommend appropriate action. For example, Tim, an asthma patient uses WiSe Breath Analyzer periodically. The real-time analysis of this data can let Tim know whether to take his steroid medication to avoid an asthma attack. This eliminates the guess work on when to take the steroid medication.

Patient Tracking and Information

One of the first things to happen when you are admitted to the hospital is that a printed tag with key information is placed on the patient, making it easy for staff to identify the patient and specific needs. Smart devices and wearables offer new and unique capabilities to this process. Coupled with Bluetooth beacons or another tracking or indoor navigation system, this makes it easy to identify the location of each patient.

Features and Benefits

  • Track patient location and alert boundary violations. Create standard and customized solutions for patients with Alzheimer’s / Dementia, mental / cognitive impairment, head injuries / problems requiring neurological treatments, psychiatric problems and heart problems.
  • Detect fall, or absence of movement and raise alerts. Call for help and monitor the staff response.
  • Infant/Mother tracking
  • Infant tag registers activity and movements of the baby every second to alert any potentially dangerous situations.
  • Infant tag is associated with the mother’s tag and when there is any change in proximity, alerts are raised immediately.
  • When the infant leaves any logical boundary alerts are raised immediately.
  • When infant inactivity is identified staff is notified immediately and all staff activity is tracked related to the infant.

WiSe Farming

In today's world, agriculture is moving smart and farming management is used to observe, measure and respond to inter and intra-field variability in crops. This new form of precision agriculture, enables the industry to work smarter and not harder that is optimized for the best results.

Features and Benefits

Field Sensors

Sensors to measure soil temperature, soil hydration, daylight intensity, UV intensity, fertilizer strength.


Combine sensor, weather, farm types, and water levels to generate optimal plan. Sowing to harvesting know when to do.

Animal Sensors

Monitor animal location, movement, pulse and generate reports such as readiness of reproduction.


WiSe Connect platform performs complex analysis but the smart apps provide simplified steps, trends, charts that are easy to follow.


Control water and fertilizer to conserve resources and optimize output.